Monday, April 06, 2009

Making Some Stuff

Three months, huh? I’m really on top of things.

I don’t want to get into a long list of what we did, or where we went, or any other crap like that because really, who cares. People want pictures, not spouting off about senseless crap. Well my friends, I can hardly deliver on the picture front either. You would think that my sorry ass would have some super awesome pictures from my super awesome new Nikon cool pix camera that my mom got us for Christmas. That would make sense. Did I take a lot of pictures? Yes. Do I have the motivation to download them to the computer? No. This may have to do with the fact that Steve just HAD to have a Mac Mini, and this is where all the pictures are kept, but it is constantly not hooked up because he uses his work laptop all the time, so it is a pain in the patootie to hook everything up, and his response is that if we had iPhones I could take pictures and upload them to Blogger. Problem solved. He forgets to mention the part about the remaining 10 months on our Verizon contract, that I don’t want to spend $400 on phones, and that AT&T sucks.

Good thing I have my trusty regular phone to take pictures with. So here are a couple of things to share. People are still popping out the kids. I made this owl vest for Seth at work. His wife had a baby boy last week. The vest was for a 1 yr old, but I tried to size it down to a newborn. Not sure how big they are so not sure if this will fit. It is cute though…..even if it fits for about 3 minutes.

The next creation is carrots! I did not knit these. I can not believe that after just throwing some seeds in haphazardly, we actually have carrots. You are supposed to put them in rows and thin them and stuff, but I am considering the first time we plant anything the experimental phase (I don’t want to read up on how to plant or care for said plant). Yes, the experts are right. They should be in rows and thinned to get a greater yield. Go figure. But we still got about 12 carrots this year, plus the runts that Rey gets to eat. In your face Master Gardeners! I roasted these last night but we are not going to eat them until today. All those carrots cooked down to almost nothing. Hopefully they taste good.