Thursday, December 22, 2005

Perfect Timing

We finally got the part from Dell, and the computer is fixed! Of course, this is just in time for Christmas, so no real posts until we get home from Chicago....except maybe with pictures from my new, super-sweet Razr phone. Hopefully this Christmas won't be a hectic one. I made it a point to keep knitting to a minimum (only for one aunt...will share later). Last year I made all of my immediate family knitted items. 10 scarves. 1 pair of slippers. 1 "dog" suit for my nephew. I knitted about 30 hours a week for four months. Lace. Cables. Ribs. My brother-in-law lost his scarf before he even got home. Home being two blocks away. Oh well. I have learned my lesson. I plan on doing a little photo montage of all the things that have happened in the last month. Until then, Happy Winter!

Taken with my new phone. I am goign to eat me one of these tonight!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Suckis Extremus

This morning Steve went to the post office to get the part from Dell. But guess what? It wasn’t the part from Dell. It was our checks that we ordered, that the bank sent to AUSTIN, and then we had to pay postage due because they forwarded them here. The bank manages to send every piece of junk mail they possibly can to our address here, but the checks, not so much. WTF? Needless to say, I think I am going to have to go on hiatus until the computer is fixed. I mean really, who wants to read this? No one. People like pictures and small bits of fluff. That is what makes Reader’s Digest so popular. It should be called Lazy-Ass Digest because no one really reads it (it sucks anyway, even in large print). But, we are what we are. Because of that, no more posting until I have pictures. And boy, will I have pictures. Except, of course, not of me and my sister, Katie, who came to visit last weekend. Somehow we never manage to take pictures together. Now I see it was just foreshadowing.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Michael Dell Sucks Ass

So the computer part came…..POSTAGE DUE! Who the hell doesn’t charge postage with the part? Now Steve has to go to the post office to pick it up. The best part is, since we live in the land of Little-Rascal-driving-bike-lane-using old people (not that I don’t love old people, but I don’t love their driving, especially in the bike lane), the PO is only open from 8 to 5. How is someone who works supposed to be able to get there? So now I have to wait even longer to post pictures. Expect some after I retire.

On a less angry note, one of my oldest friends, Claire, came to visit last weekend before she had a conference in Phoenix. I hadn’t seen her in about two years. It was weird being out and about with a friend who wasn’t Steve. We had a good time. Very relaxing. It was also weird realizing that no matter how much you think you stay the same person your whole life, you really are not. I mean, deep down I am the same (I feel I have been “me” since about 5 years old), but much of my views have changed. You don’t realize this until you hang out with someone from your childhood. I have come a long way, but I still have a long way to go.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Down for the Count

So the computer at home is still not operating. We are waiting for a part to come from Dell. I guess it is the power source. Anyway until then, no pictures, other than this one that Marita sent me of her Chicknits Cami. She has this odd knack of making things that fit. I should give her the evil eye! Kidding, of course. Way to go Marita! Sorry for exploiting you to make me look more interesting.

Once I am up and running again, I need to share my haul that I got from Back Door Bead and Yarn Co. here in Tucson. They were having a yearly sale and everything was at least 20% off. For $70, I got one skein of Cascade 220, two skeins of Classic Elite alpaca, and six (count ‘em, SIX) skeins of a dark blue-purpley Manos, and the Summer '05 Interweave Knits becasue I REALLY want to make the Lace Leaf Pullover. Out of control. I also finished the socks, and almost finished a hat for Steve. I say almost because as I was down to the last few decreases, I decided to stick it on his head. Way too tight. I need to frog it all and start over. At least I only spent Sunday on it. I should make another one in the small size for Sarah. Then she can use it as a Migraine-tourniquet-pain-relieving-hat. Also, Steve and I took a paperweight glass this weekend where we got to play with molten hot glass and 2500 degree furnaces. It was awesome, not that anyone would know because I can’t post pictures. We need that piece from Dell! Crappity crap crap.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I have been making some progress on my socks. One down and half of one to go. It is amazing how much faster you get them done when you use size 3 needles rather than 1s. This is my 2.5 attempt as socks. The first time I only finished one. It didn’t fit (is was way too tight) and I didn’t want to make the second one. The second set was for Steve. They actually fit. This thirdish pair is for me. I like them because the colors remind me of fall back in Chicago (Go Sox!). I have also decided not to call them socks, but foot sweaters. When I told Steve this, he said “Why? Are you expecting these not to fit either?” Ass. He thinks he is hilarious. The joke is on him, though, because they do fit! Although I still can’t get the Kitchner stitch to “work.” I think it is because I sort of knit backwards. Our computer is really broken now, so I have had to use a crappy picture taken with my phone. Oh, and yes, my feet really are that big. Enjoy.

Monday, October 24, 2005


I just saw a blimp! Not just any blimp, either. It was the godfather of blimps. The Goodyear Blimp. I was sitting in my office when I heard a propeller noise that immediately registered as a blimp. I ran outside, and there it was. Right over my head. All blue and yellow. The first time I saw it I was about four years old. It flew so low over my house that it cast a shadow over our entire backyard and I could see all the windows in the gondola. Ever since I have had a soft spot for blimps. Maybe I will get really lucky and see the Weinermobile on my way home!

For some more fun with dirigibles, check this out.

Thursday, October 20, 2005


So we found out last week that Steve’s car is totaled. There are no used Hondas to be found anywhere, so we are going to have to suck it up and get a new Civic. It is so frustrating because we have really been saving since we moved here, and now we have to spend it all on a new car. The worst part is, the new Civics are ugly. Really ugly. They offend my eyeballs. There was nothing wrong with the old body style, and they had to go and change it. Even worse than that, now we can't afford to go to San Diego for Thanksgiving. Sniff, sniff. I think we will just do an overnighter in Sedona, or something, instead so the vacation time is not a total loss.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Almost Famous

On Sunday, before we left for the airport, we went to Sarah’s house and met up with her boyfriend, Mr. Sprockets, and Dana. Here we are (me, Sarah, Dana) in Sarah’s backyard. She has done a really great job with it. The yard was craptacular when she bought the house in January, I think. She has really whipped it into shape. The picture would be great if it weren’t for my bad posture and hair helmet. I am trying to grow it out because it started to look crappy short, but it also looks crappy long. Right now I am suffering through the Frankie Avalon hair helmet stage.

Anyway, we ate some lunch and then stopped at Hill Country Weavers. Here’s what I got.

The yarn on the right is currently being made into socks for moi. The middle Mission Falls is for a hat for Steve. It is actually starting to get colder at night, so he will get some use out of it, especially if we go to Mt. Lemmon. The stuff on the left will be made into a scribble lace scarf, also for moi. Here’s a picture of Roxy wearing one that I made earlier this summer to trade for a necklace with my friend Kali. She is coming here this weekend, so it is safe to post the picture. Suspense is no longer necessary.

I also got a couple of Interweave Knits magazines, which Kate is checking out. Kate is just going to stay a cat, although I would love to spin some of her fur to make a sweater for Sarah’s bald cat, Buddy. The only finished object I have of late is the bear for my nephew, Jake. I like the bear. The bear is good. I will make some modifications if I make another one. I DO NOT like the sweater, but I figure that he is going to get ketchup or poop or dog spit on it, and they will have to get rid of it anyway.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Houston, we don’t have a problem.

Ok. The computer is fixed. Something about discharging stored electricity or something. I wasn’t really paying attention. I will use this opportunity to post some pictures of the wedding. I have to say that Michell was the most beautiful bride ever.

The wedding was perfect. It was at her cousin’s house in Austin, in our old neighborhood. They had really awesome food from a Mexican restaurant down on south First. Fajitas, chips and queso, Chile relleno, margaritas (Sonoran food ain't got nothing on TexMex). The best damn cake I have ever had, and I don’t even like cake (except for Dana’s German Chocolate). Lots of Texas music. It was a Texas wedding done right.

Weekend, Part I

We went to Austin this weekend for Michell and Dan’s wedding, and had a great time. The bride was beautiful, the groom was beautiful. The food was beautiful! I wish I could share some pictures, but when we got home last night, the computer wouldn’t turn on. Steve thinks it may be a short in the plug. I have no idea. Now I have to see if there is some way to put my picture on my work computer. I guess I need software or something. Again, no idea.

We were able to see most of my friends from work at the wedding on Saturday, which was great. On Sunday we hung out with Dana and Sarah and Sarah’s newish boyfriend, Andy. He is from Germany. He taught me how to pronounce Hefeweizen correctly. Heh Fuh Veights Zen. Now I can speak German. A lot of good that will do me in Tucson. Hefeweizen fria.

We also talked about lederhosen and Deiter’s Dance Party from Sprockets. He didn’t know what that was. When we explained it to him, he didn’t seem so amused. I, however, still find it highly amusing.

There are all kinds of pictures forthcoming. Like the wedding. The yarn I got. And hanging out with the girls. They want me to post a picture of the three of us because they want to be famous to the four people who read this.

Other than that, we went to the trail at Town Lake, drove around, ate some stuff, drank some margaritas. I realized this weekend that I am a paste-y girl with paste-y needs. Paste-y as in pale, not boobie-tassle paste-y. I like shade, and therefore trees. I miss trees. Maybe if I lose a few pounds and learn to stand up straight, I can use the shade from saguaros.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

So much news, so little time

I have been very busy as of late. My Dad and Steve’s parents came for a visit. My stepmom, Lorie, was supposed to come as well, but couldn’t at the last minute because of the grandparents. I guess they are now getting to the point where they can not be left alone. We were hoping that after my grandma died this past summer, that Dad and Lorie could have some time to do things together. At least a couple of years. That’s not happening.

Anyway, we did some fun stuff, and I have a bunch of pictures to share, especially for those of you who keep asking for them. Unfortunately, on Monday afternoon, Steve and his parents were involved in an accident, and we spent the entire day in the emergency room. Everyone is ok. My Dad and I were in a different car on the other side of town when it happened. The car is not in good shape. It wasn’t Steve’s fault, and the other driver was cited, so it should get settled soon. Because of that, I had to stay home yesterday to help with calls, drive Steve around to find his car, take out all of the crap from the car, etc.

I am now trying to catch up at work since I had taken Monday afternoon off and missed work yesterday, and have to leave for a friend’s wedding on Friday. I’ll try to post pictures as soon as I can.

Monday, October 03, 2005


This past weekend was a very busy weekend. Friday I turned 29. It was pretty uneventful, which is good. We ate some sushi (Sushi in the desert? Are you nuts? Yes, and it was delicious). Today at work we had beer floats to celebrate. Young's Chocolate stout and vanilla Blue Bell. Saturday afternoon, I took a glass sun chime class and made this.
The class was ok. Lots of women wearing t-shirts with cats on them. I got to use power tools, though, so that was good.

Saturday night we went to Zooscon Feast for the Beasts fundraiser at the zoo. Here’s a picture of a pissed off elephant. We also saw a pissed off, rhino, polar bear, and anteater, not in that order. There was food from about 20 restaurants there. It was really a fun time. I want to go back next year.

However, the real reason we went was to see Bill Nye the Science Guy. I have been in love with him for years. I even have a picture with him from when he visited ISU, and I uttered the infamous stupid line “You’re totally my hero.” Some people say that I am bordering on stalking, I just think SCIENCE RULES! But, I am no longer sure that my beloved Bill rules quite so much without some post production work. He started out with a scare about global warming, somehow started talking about Bucky balls, his dad being in a prison camp in china and becoming obsessed with sundials, bill and his classmates getting a sundial on Mars when they were under Carl Sagan, and then did a trick illustrating vortexes of air. It was all quite bizarre.

I also started a bear for my nephew, Jake. The parents are coming this weekend, so I need to have it done by then. Pay no attention to the crappy knitting. I am going to felt this puppy! Well, bear.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hourglass Sweater

Although it doesn’t seem like I have been knitting, I really, really have. I started and finished the hourglass sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I thought I had ordered some maroon ON Line Marley superwash wool from When it came, I saw I had ordered some sort of beige color by accident. Damn you dropdown menu!

I couldn’t use the boring yarn for the sweater I had planned, which was the Chicknits Cutaway sweater, but with some adjustments so it looked like a sweater I saw at Anthropologie. SOOOO, I decided to make my first attempt at a regular, non summery knit. It turned out pretty good. A little big, but I think I can shrink it a bit if I wash it again, but on warm. The neck is a tad Flashdance, even with adding some extra rows because I had been warned, but I really like boat necks, so I am sure I will wear it. I think it will fit better once I get a boatneck long-sleaver to wear under it.

The color was too boring, so I decided to make some flair. I was looking at a Boden catalog and saw some cute flower pins. Why buy what you can make? I stopped at JoAnn Fabrics on the way home from work, raided the remnant bin of all sturdy fabric that wasn’t totally butt ugly, and viola! Flower pins. I have a ton of fabric, so I think everyone I know is going to be getting some of these whether they like it or not.

Totally on a side note, for those of you who did not watch The Office tonight, I feel sorry for you. You are missing out on the funniest TV show EVER.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Bawk Bawk Bawk Chicken

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

T minus 3 days and counting…..

Not many people have ever been in my house. I don’t know why. Maybe it is because it is always a mess, and we don’t invite people over. Maybe it is because we smell, or people don’t like us. Whatever it is, it is not a frequented place by those who do not live there. But, for those of you who have seen inside, you may remember a large Chicken. Not just any Chicken, but a Peruvian water pitcher Chicken. Red glaze, about 2 ½ feet tall. Totally kick-ass.

When we were packing to move, my plan was to take the Chicken with in the car. But, the cats eventually took up all the room and we had to pack the Chicken and send it with the movers. I spent almost an hour packing the Chicken. Special trip to U-haul to get a big enough box. Bubble wrap. Half a box of packing paper. BIG BLACK SHARPIE LETTERS MARKING IT “FRAGILE.”

Now I am sure you know where this story is going. When we were unpacking, Steve let out an “Oh, no” with a little fear in his voice. The Chicken didn’t make it. If you looked in the box, it’s head seemed ok, but everything below the neck was shattered. The moving company said that because they didn’t pack it, they were not responsible for it breaking (nice, huh?). I immediately called my mom (she was the one who bought it for me). She tracked down a new Chicken. He is coming on Saturday. Long live the Chicken.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Pretend this is last week......

Imagine that it is Saturday....last Saturday. Gee, I wonder what Jamie and Steve are up to? Well, seeing that it is Memorial Day weekend (remember, you are pretending), we decided to take a little road trip. We went down to Tubac to check it out.
It was pretty cool. Kind of like the southwest version of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Galleries, home-y stores, pottery, fountains. Crap. You know, the usual. There were lots of things that we wanted to get, but of course can't, until we get a house. A copper sink isn't going to do us any good in the apartment.

On our way down there, we stopped at the San Xavier Mission. It was beautiful. They are doing some renovatoins, so parts of the outside are not visible, but the inside makes you forget about the outside. I didn't take any pictures inside. The Catholic guilt that I have been trying to supress for 10 years took over, and I was worried that it would be disrespectful
to the people who were really praying in there. Plus with the monsoons, I didn't want lightning to strike. Safety first.On the knitting front, I finished the One Skein Wonder (Nature Wool, #8 needles) from Glampyre. I think it is cute, but I wonder if I will ever wear it. Working with all guys leaves me open to ridicule on a daily basis. This may be too over the top for them.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Crafty, Crafty

Ok, the moment you have all been waiting for. I bought a cable thingy. I have a ton of picutes to share, but I will start with the crafty things that I owe to Sarah and Dana. Over the next few days I'll pretend that it was last week, and then post those pictures.

Ok, then. Here is the tube top that I finished a few weeks ago (note: please, if somone can tell me how to turn off the date on my pictures, it would be greatly appreciated). Don't let the cuteness of the photo fool you. It, of course, does not fit and looks completely ridiculous on. I came to the conclusion today that I am done with summery knits because 1) I can never get them to fit and 2) who the hell wants to wear a sweater in the summer in Arizona, even if it is sleeveless? So, I will be turning the tube top into a pillow this weekend.

And here is my first attempt at embroidery. It is a fish. Basically, I found a picture of a goldfish that I liked, drew it bigger on some paper, traced it onto temporary iron-on interface, and embroidered it onto a t-shirt I got at Target for $7 (Mossimo, oh lala). I don't think I have ever done it before, but it was really easy, even though it took me 12 hours to finish. Steve had the flu that weekend, so I had plenty of time. I just read the book from the Jenny Hart stitch-it kit, and went to town. I like it. It fits. That is a new concept for me. Plus it was WAY cheaper than knitting.
Obviously, I am having a difficult time with the pictures, so I am going to stop here. I think you get the idea. Toodles.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Nothing to Report

I haven't posted for a while because I have nothing to report. Well, I guess I do. We did some stuff this weekend, and I got a replacement cable for the camera. Too bad Steve transferred stuff from our home computer onto his new work laptop, and now we no longer have an internet connection. I started some more knitting. Not like it will fit, though. I just don't feel like sharing any of it now.

I am in a bit of a bad mood from the weekend. One (or two) too many days off. Too much time to think about all the changes we have had and how living in Tucson leaves much to be desired at times. It is taking a while to accept that the social network I/we had in Austin is no more, even if we didn't take full advantage of it all the time. It is nice to have the option. It is frustrating that we are becoming more and more financially secure, but that our quality of life has gone down hill. I think all of that crap, plus the whole depression of the Hurricane being played over and over on every channel, plus the fact that our apartment is like living in a cave and it feels like 5pm all the time, has taken it's toll over the weekend. Hopefully I will stop feeling sorry for myself soon and have some more interesting stories to tell.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Missing Cable

So I still can't find the camera cable thingy, but I haven't really looked either. Therefore I still can't post pictures of anything current, like knitting. Speaking of which, Sarah and Dana....I started the one skein wonder from using some electric/eggshell blue nature wool that I bought at HCW last fall. I think it took me longer to figure out how to wind that craptacular wad of yarn they call a skein into a ball than it will to actually knit it. I still believe that even though you are from a third world country, that is not an excuse for not being able to make a skein that follows some sort of mathematical principal.

Because people like pictures, I will include this one of the view from our apartment. So lovely! Except for the stupid ass guy who lives upstairs who plays bad country with the base up and lets his cat outside to torture our cats and kill things. I have already had to see a dead bunny and a half dead baby dove today. There are no dead animals in this picture.

Also, here is a picture of me and my friend, Michell in the parking lot of Weston the day before we moved from Austin to Tucson. She has not been having a good week. Look how happy she is here though! Cheer up Michell! It could be worse. You could live in Tucson :) Happy middle of the week.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


It has rained a ton last night through this morning. The Santa Cruz River is roaring! Normally, this is a big dry riverbed where you more often see people hiking or riding horses than actually water. I guess this is a rarity in Tucson for the river to run bank to bank. I have been told that the river has not been like this in over 20 years.

This is a picture of the Santa Cruz by St. Marys street taken by my co-worker Dale. We went over there this morning to check it out.

I also took some pictures of a tube top (possibly a pillow) and a scarf that I knitted, and a t-shirt that I made the victim of my first attempt at embroidery. Too bad we can't find the cable to download them from the camera.....

Monday, August 22, 2005

Awesome. I am not an idiot! I can actually post stuff. Cool.

I am creating this blog to keep family and friends updated on life in Tucson and knitting/other crafty projects. I figure it will actuall make me take some pictures of things around here, as well as knitting projects.

Speaking of pictures, I will attempt to insert one. I don't have any currently on my computer other than a picture of poppies that my dad took at home in Chicago. Well, not Chicago anymore. We now live in the suburbs. Monee. Although Steve is quick to correct me that it is Green Garden (Yeah).
Ok. So this is just a practice post to see if i can figure this crap out......