Sunday, June 10, 2007

Craftiness has ensued...

We hosted a going away party for our friend, and Steve's colleague, Keren on Friday night. She is moving back to Israel to be closer to her family. Sad for us, happy for her. It was the first time that we were having people to our house, and we were worried about the seating situation. So, last weekend I went to the used furniture store and got a small club chair. It was ugly, of course, so I bought $12 worth of clearance upholstery fabric and attempted to make a slip cover. I did the whole pin-it-in-the-wrong-side-and-sew thing. After 6 hours, the result was a very misshapen and slightly passable slip cover. I made another pillow to cover up some of the mess. After all that, no one even sat on it. I guess it is for the best. Roxy likes it though.The party was the first time that we were able to see our friends Kate and Jeff. They had a little baby, Henry, at the end of April. Henry was born at 25 weeks, but is doing extremely well. I took the opportunity of seeing them to make a couple of little hats and a blanket. Being the sucky geologist that I am, I forgot to put something in the photo for scale. Each hat is about 3.5" tall. Hopefully Henry gets some good use out of them.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Way Back When

I have some pictures to share form Steve's parent's visit. I am only three weeks behind! While they were here, in between their fixing the shed and installing a programmable thermostat, we took a day trip to Bisbee and Tombstone.

Bisbee is an old mining town. A lot of the houses were miners shacks back in the day. Some still look like they have not changed in 100 years. Others are remodeled and are going for about $300K. AZ real estate is ridiculous. Here are some Bisbee sights.
Before we left , we stopped at the Copper Queen Branch open pit mine. They have a mine tour of the underground workings, but not everyone was up for that. Still, the open pit was pretty cool.On our way back, we stopped in Tombstone. We had driven through before, and thought it was lame. Steve's mom really wanted to stop, and we are glad we did. Apparently, we weren't driving through the right part before. There is a whole street that is blocked from traffic so that stage coaches and horses can use it. Every where you look there are people in period costumes (even kids!) doing stuff like shopping, drinking beer (can you believe that is a job!), having conversations, hanging out. It was kind of craptacular because it was all so fake, but it wasn't fake at the same time because most of the buildings were from the 1800's. Worth going for some entertainment. While we were there we drank some beer.

And saw a posse.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Things have been really busy around here. Visit from Steve's parents. Trip to San Francisco over Memorial Day weekend. People having babies, people getting pregnant (NO! DEFINITELY not me), people getting married. Pictures to come soon. I swear.