Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Where are you Norm Abrams?

We are venturing into the home improvement realm. No sooner did we move in that we decided to spend even more money and make some “improvements.” Today, a crazy semi-retired brotherly duo is starting the patio. Tonight, we are going to get ourselves a Lowes card and do some damage. Currently, we have “stained” concrete floors in the hall, front room, and kitchen. It is really a stained slab. You can see the old glue marks. You also can see every dusty footprint you track trough the house after coming in from outside. So, we are going to put in engineered hardwoods (can’t have REAL ones because of the slab). While we are getting no payments or interest for a year and 10% off, we are going to get a new toilet and sink for the bathroom. The tile around the tub will have to wait until we win the lottery or we go back to medieval times and stop bothering with pesky showers. I can’t post pictures yet because we only have a two-pronged outlet in the office. I guess I will take some and get them transferred to a CD at Walgreens and the post them. Any excuse to go to Walgreens.

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