Monday, April 10, 2006

Housework and Yardwork and Dogs, Oh My!

This was an extremely busy weekend. I know that I have been promising to post pictures of the floor….and I will. I have even taken some. But we have been a bit pre-occupied this weekend. Because we are complete nutbags, we have added Rey the Golden Retriever to our family. Next time I say that I want a dog, someone slap me. He is very cute, but our life has turned upside down in one day. It is exhausting taking him out, walking him twice a day, brushing him, getting him used to us, learning what to even do with a dog, keeping him behind the baby gate, feeling guilty for keeping him behind the baby gate, and giving extra hugs to the cats while they learn to accept him. He came from a family that adopted him through rescue 3 years ago. Recently he bit their 18 month old, so they decided to re-home him. He is 5. He is actually a really good boy. Once we get over the whole “Holy shit, we have a dog, WTF were we thinking” thing, I am sure we will all be fine. Just look at him!

Other undertakings this weekend were going to my co-worker Alex’s house. He and his wife, Donna, let us take a bunch of volunteers and cuttings from their desert garden. Then I planted everything in the front yard. Exhausting! But it looks WAY better than just rocks. I will take a picture of this as well, but from my track record, I won’t be offended if you call me a liar.

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