Sunday, September 17, 2006

It's been a long time!

I/we have absolutely been swamped with work and housework. My parents came to visit over Labor Day. It was really relaxing while they were here, but it was harried up until the time they got here. Lots of cleaning and attempting to pull weeds. The yard was a disaster, but they said that is wasn't that bad. Then they couldn't take it anymore, and bought us an electric lawnmower and a Hula Hoe. Hilarious! But boy, does that Hula Hoe work! We have been de-weeding up a storm! This week, my mom an sister, Katie, are coming, so it begins again.

The monsoons have also stopped, much to the shagrin of the animal contingent in the house. I think they get bored now without all the thunder and lightning.

In knitting news, I have afew FO's for the week. Last weekend, I finished the Lotus Blossom Tank. I made the smallest size (33" and I am 35") in the Southwest Trading Company Bamboo. I like the drape of this yarn, but it is a little rough on the hands. I think that it fits pretty well. I didn't know that this would stretch out so much, so I guess I could have made an improvised smaller size, but that would involve math and thinking and a whole bunch of other things that I don't like to do unless I am getting paid. I did "fix" the rolling of the neckline that so many people have had trouble with. Instead of completing the garter stitch on the front section of the body, I picked up stitches all around the whole neckline (rather than just the sides and back like the pattern) and knit in the round. This seems to have been the trick. I wore it to work the other day, an no one asked if I made it, so I take that to be a good sign! These pictures sort of suck.. Iwill ahve to take better ones outside, and post-shower.

I also have completed a couple of things for guys at work who just had babies. This sweater was supposed to be the "5 Hour Baby Sweater," knitted for Kevin's baby, Madeleine Luce. Five hours my ass! Who are these people who knit this fast? It think it took me 10 hours, and I am a pretty fast-ish knitter. Maybe these people are on speed or meth or something. I should take some of my unfinished objects over to the park sometime and see if they can bang them out for me.

Also having a baby was Brian. Here is a hat for his baby, Dominique. He just started, so I didn't knit someting as awesome (aka way too time consuming) as for Kevin, but I think that it is cuter. Plus, I don't think that a lot of people realize the work it takes to knit something. I hate to spend too much time and money on people who are not family or non-knitters.

I also started on this hat last night. I don't like it. I realized I should have made a hat with cables, but I need something for camping for the big birthday, well, camping. Some friends want to go, so we are going to Mt. Lemmon, and Rey is coming with. Should be interesting, since we haven't been camping in about 8 years. Embarassing for a geologist, I know. I guess there are worse things you could do when you turn 30.

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Sarah said...

Oooh! I love the lotus blossom. I was thinking about making that for myself (when I find the time). Yours looks beautiful.