Monday, August 03, 2009

It’s still grand, even the second time around

Weekend before last, my dad came to visit. It is summer in Tucson. If it isn’t covered it burns, if it is covered it sweats. We decided that it would be good to take a trip to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. Dad has never been, and we always get into these habits of living somewhere and then moving before we get to experience it all or share all of the cool shit with other people. We are planning on being here another 5 to 7 years but felt it was now or never to go up there with him.

We went to Sunset Crater until it just looked like lava, went to the Grand Canyon until it just looked like a big hole in the ground, went to the Lava Tube until it wasn’t refreshing anymore, and drank “train shots” at Altitudes until the asshole and his wife (who was sweet) sitting next to us got too annoying (at least to me and Steve) and we had to leave. All in all a good trip.

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