Monday, August 22, 2005

Awesome. I am not an idiot! I can actually post stuff. Cool.

I am creating this blog to keep family and friends updated on life in Tucson and knitting/other crafty projects. I figure it will actuall make me take some pictures of things around here, as well as knitting projects.

Speaking of pictures, I will attempt to insert one. I don't have any currently on my computer other than a picture of poppies that my dad took at home in Chicago. Well, not Chicago anymore. We now live in the suburbs. Monee. Although Steve is quick to correct me that it is Green Garden (Yeah).


Shawn said...

Why are you posting pictures of Chicago when you clearly live in Tucson? It just doesn't make any sense. It’s like Egyptians traveling to the UK to view antiquities of Egypt. It's just so nerdy.

Yo Eastside!

Jamie said...

Why are you chanting eastside Tucson accolades when you clearly live in Albuquerque? It's just so nerdy :)

Shawn said...

Yo East Southeastside!