Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Missing Cable

So I still can't find the camera cable thingy, but I haven't really looked either. Therefore I still can't post pictures of anything current, like knitting. Speaking of which, Sarah and Dana....I started the one skein wonder from using some electric/eggshell blue nature wool that I bought at HCW last fall. I think it took me longer to figure out how to wind that craptacular wad of yarn they call a skein into a ball than it will to actually knit it. I still believe that even though you are from a third world country, that is not an excuse for not being able to make a skein that follows some sort of mathematical principal.

Because people like pictures, I will include this one of the view from our apartment. So lovely! Except for the stupid ass guy who lives upstairs who plays bad country with the base up and lets his cat outside to torture our cats and kill things. I have already had to see a dead bunny and a half dead baby dove today. There are no dead animals in this picture.

Also, here is a picture of me and my friend, Michell in the parking lot of Weston the day before we moved from Austin to Tucson. She has not been having a good week. Look how happy she is here though! Cheer up Michell! It could be worse. You could live in Tucson :) Happy middle of the week.

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Michell said...

I love you, friend! And I miss you!