Thursday, December 22, 2005

Perfect Timing

We finally got the part from Dell, and the computer is fixed! Of course, this is just in time for Christmas, so no real posts until we get home from Chicago....except maybe with pictures from my new, super-sweet Razr phone. Hopefully this Christmas won't be a hectic one. I made it a point to keep knitting to a minimum (only for one aunt...will share later). Last year I made all of my immediate family knitted items. 10 scarves. 1 pair of slippers. 1 "dog" suit for my nephew. I knitted about 30 hours a week for four months. Lace. Cables. Ribs. My brother-in-law lost his scarf before he even got home. Home being two blocks away. Oh well. I have learned my lesson. I plan on doing a little photo montage of all the things that have happened in the last month. Until then, Happy Winter!

Taken with my new phone. I am goign to eat me one of these tonight!

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