Friday, July 21, 2006


Living across from a park has its advantages and disadvantages. Place to walk dog. Advantage. Drug dealers. Disadvantage. Unobstructed view out our front window of the Catalinas. Advantage. Bad Tejano music in the picnic pavilion every weekend. Disadvantage. Except for a few weeks ago when people were playing Cuban Mambo music. That was definitely an advantage.

Sometimes, there is a fine line between advantage and disadvantage. Like just now this morning. I was walking with the park's dog click. They were talking about the neighborhood association and the rumor of a woman, who doesn't live in our neighborhood, with a vendetta against those who walk their dogs off leash. Apparently, she has been taking pictures of residents with thier dogs off leash to "report," and it has been said that she has a "stick that shocks dogs." When I got a better description of the "stick," I think I burst their bubbles by informing them that it was a type of metal detector used for locating utility lines. WEird that she has this, but totally harmless.

Anyway, while we were walking, a guy who looked like Gene Shallot, driving a white Grand Am, started circling the park. At first he was blasting something that sounded like Foghat or an equally bad band. Then he switched to the totally awesome duet between Elton John and Linda Ronstadt...."Don't Go Breaking My Heart." He drove around the park for about 15 minutes, playing this song over and over. We were in histerics by the end, but also starting to get a little creeped out. Finally, a neighbor, John, waved at him. Gene Shallot drove a little futher, turned around, and pulled up to John almost hitting him and his dog. John asked him if he needed directions to somewhere. Gene Shallot responded with "Did anybody ask for your opinion?" and then finally drove away. Now I ask you, advantage or disadvantage?

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