Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Well, actually, I am not. There has been a severe lack of interesting things going on here. Mainly just housework....painting baseboards, buying plants, watching plants die in the desert heat. The monsoons started out with a bang. No rain at all this week though. Hopefully they will continue into August.

This weekend the in-laws are coming and we are going to Flagstaff. It will be a nice break from the heat here. A neighbor will be watching Rey. She is a vet tech, and completely normal and nice, but part of me is worried that she will forget about him, and he will be stuck in the house for two days, drink all the cats' water, poo and pee all over the house, and then maybe eat the cats if he is hungry enough. I am so tempted to hire the regular cat sitter to come over to make sure that the dog is not there. Am I crazy? This woman is an adult. She owns a house. She has two dogs. Weird how "licensed and bonded", or lack there of, makes you think differently about a business. Although having a house makes you realize that "licensed and bonded" doesn't mean shit.

We finally got a new camera, so there are no more excuses about not posting pictures. Too bad we can only take 10 at a time with the internal memory, since we are too cheap (at this point) to buy a memory stick. See I am already making excuses.

In knitting news, I have started, frogged, restarted, and may be frogging again, the Lotus Blossom Tank from the Summer IK. The lace is not bad at all. In fact, it is fairly enjoyable. I have made a couple of mistakes, one of which could not be fixed, and hence the frogging. I made another mistake the other night, but I know what it is....I just have to figure out how to fix it. The common thread between the two mistakes is at the time they were made, Steve's feet were touching me. I used to not mind his feet, but now I HATE them because I associate them with screwing up my knitting.

On a sad note, my sister Karen's dog, Max, died last week. Brain tumor. Very sad. Make sure to hug your animals.

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