Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Busy Bees.

Again, no pictures. No excuses either. Just pure laziness, in the recharging the battery area anyway. Otherwise we have been busy bees. Lots and lots of yard work. I am not going to fall into the trap of being the white trash weed people this year. Oh no! Three weeks ago, I physically pulled up every last weed in the front and back yards. Unfortunately, you would never know this now. I spent a good 30 minutes yesterday after work spraying those little asshole weeds with Round-up. The battle begins again……

Steve tore out our termite tree, and we got a new Desert Willow from the city for $6.00 to replace it. Awesome. I think it is dead though. It was like that when we got it. The dirt was wet in the pot, but I think they did that to claim it was “alive” when they dropped it off. “See? We watered it!” If it doesn’t start getting buds or something in the next couple of weeks, I am going to be pissed. I know it was practically free, but still.

The big news is we bought new plants for the back yard, including a mandarin tree, meyer lemon tree, and Oklahoma redbud tree. All are in the ground and all have…..wait for it……DRIP IRRIGATION! Steve and I put it in ourselves. A ton (but significantly cheaper than hiring someone) of money and a VERY long weekend later, and we are almost done. We have a 6 zone system, with 2 zones going to the front (these will be completed later) and 4 in the backyard. Everything works. There are some leaks, but it is a galvanized to PVC thread issue, and should be able to be fixed this weekend. We also had an electrician come this weekend to hard wire the control box on the side of the house. As soon as the leaks are fixed, we’ll hook it all up electronically. We are both still sore from the weekend. I can’t even think about yoga.

In between everything, I have been working on a pair of socks for Lorie’s 60th birthday (I am a little late, sorry), and I made myself a purse with the Tiny Happy tutorial. Oh, and we went to a neighborhood doughnut party. Don’t ask. Oh, oh, and the mirror for the bathroom came. Again, no pictures, so I will stop now before total boredom sets in.

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