Monday, March 26, 2007


So Joan and I made the hike to Phoenix and went to Ikea Saturday. It was the first time I have ever been there. We got there right when the opened to beat the crowds. As soon as I walked in, I started hyperventilating. It was really overwhelming, and CHEAP! Some of the stuff is crap, but some of the stuff is really good. I got a couple of little lamps for the guest room ($6 each!), some picture rails for the sunroom, and some glass shampoo bottles for the bathroom that match the glass tiles. The big(ish) purchases included a leaning floor mirror for the front room/entrance area,

A craft desk and chair for the office so that I can use my sewing machine without swearing constantly because I have no light or room,

And a couple of side tables ($13 each!) for the guest room.

Before you knew it, we were there for 3.5 hours, including taking a little food break, and I had this weird sense that I couldn’t leave because there was something fabulous that I didn’t buy yet. Good thing I didn’t because we had a very troubling, if not hilarious, time getting everything in the car. The mirror was about 10” too long for the car with the seats down (and I have a Forrester), so we had to have part of the mirror suspended above our heads the whole was home. Good thing we are short.

Between all of the things my dad did while he was here (new light timers, track lighting in the sunroom, laundry room shelving), new plants in the backyard, burying the drip irrigation lines, and some decorating inside, I think that we might be able to invite people over without being embarrassed! The kitchen cabinets are still crap, but those will eventually get done. I don’t know when, but they will.

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