Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lots of New Things

The past few weeks have been filled wiht new things. Like right now, I am typing on a new keyboard that is connected to a new Mac Mini. Technically, it is Steve's for work, but he is letting me share.

Other new things include a bird bath. Actually, it is more like a bird torture chamber. The bath itself is lovely (thanks to steve's parents who funded this endevor). Unfortunately, since we live in a god aweful oven of a state, water just doesn't want to stay in the birdbath. Steve ran the daily drip line to it so that it gets water twice a day. Too bad that when it doesn't get water, the thing gets so hot that is it the equivalent of hot coals. When water goes into it, and before it evaporates 5.6 seconds later, it is practically boiling. I have not seen any birds come near it. Someone said that it takes a few weeks to get used to it being there. It has been there three weeks. I think that some poor guy landed on it, burned his feet so bad that he could not move, and then got sprayed with boiling water. Come to think of it, there are far less birds in the yard these days. Word must have gotten around.

Included in new things are a couple of sewing projects. I made my first article of clothing. It is the A-line skirt with an elastic waist from Sew What! Skirts. The fabric is an Amy Butler fabric that Steve thought was too ugly for household things, but was OK for a skirt. Curious. Anyway, it took a few tries to get it right. It came out too big, twice. Third time was sort of a charm. I need to learn how to do zippers. The elastic waist seems sort of granny-ish, but the skirt has already come in handy for the heat. Plus, who are we kidding, I am not getting any younger. The girl wo does my eyebrows told me that my skin texture was starting to show my age, and that is all of the samples of face cleanser, night lotion, and masks didn't help, she will really be at a loss as to how to fix my face. Great. She was also appaled that I use *GASP* regular soap and a wash rag in the shower. Guess what? I also use Trader Joe's shampoo and conditioner. THE HORROR!

Today I made a little blanket for a cat basket that we have in front of the front window. Every week(ish) when I clean the house, I get so grossed out when I clean under the basket. There is a ton of hair and pet dander. Barf. I made this to help be a little grossness collector. I figure that washing is better than wiping.

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