Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Abscess Makes the Fart Go Honda

That is the punch line to a joke that I thought was dumb when I was a kid. Now that I am an adult, I understand it, and I still think it is dumb, but not dumb enough not to use it.

Obviously updating this blog has not been a priority. We have been extremely busy, and still are, but you have got to start somewhere. One of the reasons we were/are busy? We drove home to Chicago for Christmas. Two adults, one dog, a Subaru, and the open road for 27 hours. Although the drive sucked ass it was worth it to go home, see some friends, and get green chile from Hatch, NM on the way back. Best part was the day before we left, it finally snowed.

The snow was short lived and didn’t affect our travels so we were able to stop in ABQ on the way back and see Kali and Shawn and their new bambino, Kalden. Of course, we had to subject him to the wonders of the road and brought him a baby sombrero that we picked up along the way.

More soon. I still have to show you guys the patchwork scarf I made, some knitted and sewn baby things, and new bathroom art.

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