Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Nothing to Report

I haven't posted for a while because I have nothing to report. Well, I guess I do. We did some stuff this weekend, and I got a replacement cable for the camera. Too bad Steve transferred stuff from our home computer onto his new work laptop, and now we no longer have an internet connection. I started some more knitting. Not like it will fit, though. I just don't feel like sharing any of it now.

I am in a bit of a bad mood from the weekend. One (or two) too many days off. Too much time to think about all the changes we have had and how living in Tucson leaves much to be desired at times. It is taking a while to accept that the social network I/we had in Austin is no more, even if we didn't take full advantage of it all the time. It is nice to have the option. It is frustrating that we are becoming more and more financially secure, but that our quality of life has gone down hill. I think all of that crap, plus the whole depression of the Hurricane being played over and over on every channel, plus the fact that our apartment is like living in a cave and it feels like 5pm all the time, has taken it's toll over the weekend. Hopefully I will stop feeling sorry for myself soon and have some more interesting stories to tell.

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