Saturday, September 10, 2005

Pretend this is last week......

Imagine that it is Saturday....last Saturday. Gee, I wonder what Jamie and Steve are up to? Well, seeing that it is Memorial Day weekend (remember, you are pretending), we decided to take a little road trip. We went down to Tubac to check it out.
It was pretty cool. Kind of like the southwest version of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Galleries, home-y stores, pottery, fountains. Crap. You know, the usual. There were lots of things that we wanted to get, but of course can't, until we get a house. A copper sink isn't going to do us any good in the apartment.

On our way down there, we stopped at the San Xavier Mission. It was beautiful. They are doing some renovatoins, so parts of the outside are not visible, but the inside makes you forget about the outside. I didn't take any pictures inside. The Catholic guilt that I have been trying to supress for 10 years took over, and I was worried that it would be disrespectful
to the people who were really praying in there. Plus with the monsoons, I didn't want lightning to strike. Safety first.On the knitting front, I finished the One Skein Wonder (Nature Wool, #8 needles) from Glampyre. I think it is cute, but I wonder if I will ever wear it. Working with all guys leaves me open to ridicule on a daily basis. This may be too over the top for them.

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