Wednesday, September 14, 2005

T minus 3 days and counting…..

Not many people have ever been in my house. I don’t know why. Maybe it is because it is always a mess, and we don’t invite people over. Maybe it is because we smell, or people don’t like us. Whatever it is, it is not a frequented place by those who do not live there. But, for those of you who have seen inside, you may remember a large Chicken. Not just any Chicken, but a Peruvian water pitcher Chicken. Red glaze, about 2 ½ feet tall. Totally kick-ass.

When we were packing to move, my plan was to take the Chicken with in the car. But, the cats eventually took up all the room and we had to pack the Chicken and send it with the movers. I spent almost an hour packing the Chicken. Special trip to U-haul to get a big enough box. Bubble wrap. Half a box of packing paper. BIG BLACK SHARPIE LETTERS MARKING IT “FRAGILE.”

Now I am sure you know where this story is going. When we were unpacking, Steve let out an “Oh, no” with a little fear in his voice. The Chicken didn’t make it. If you looked in the box, it’s head seemed ok, but everything below the neck was shattered. The moving company said that because they didn’t pack it, they were not responsible for it breaking (nice, huh?). I immediately called my mom (she was the one who bought it for me). She tracked down a new Chicken. He is coming on Saturday. Long live the Chicken.

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Mandi Lowery said...

Tee hee hee. Thanks for the giggle.