Saturday, January 13, 2007


So I finally got around to taking some pictures of things I have done around the house. First off, pillows. I made some pillows for the sun room/tv room.......

The front room.....
And the bedroom. This was supposed to be for the bed, but Rey claimed it. It is WAY too big for the bed, so we are better off this way. Plus it didn't cost to much because it is just a slipcover over a crappy Target body pillow.
It is funny how everything looks so much nicer and less hairy in photographs than in real life. If you were here, you would see that everything has hair and grass seeds from the park all over it. What isn't hairy is snagged to hell from the cats using it as a scratching post.

The other thing that I did to liven up the place was make some wall art for the bedroom. I got an old crappy painting from Goodwill for $10.
Then I primed it and glued on a green hand made paper. I then took a blue with brown polkadot paper and cut out a bird shillouette that I lifted from a "Do It Yourself" magazine from Lowe's. Or maybe it was Domino. Anyway, the finished product is pretty good. I want to get some side table lamps for the bedroom that have a chocolate lampshade to tie it all in.

Until tomorow......I have been working on a hall closet transformation that I will share once it's done.

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Katie said...

I really like that picture. Too bad I am not crafty at all. You definitely got all those genes in our family. :)