Sunday, January 21, 2007

Holy Shit!

First off, GO BEARS! Chicago is going to the Superbowl! Last time, I think I was 9 years old. I can still remember Jim McMahon wearing his sunglasses and singing the Superbowl Shuffle. Awesome.

Ok, now that that is out of my system, on to other, less exciting things. First, geological. Last Sunday after the Bears game, Joan and I went to Sabino Canyon to check out the debris flows from last summer's monsoons. Really spectacular, but my butt hust for a while after hiking 8 miles. These pictures do not do it justice. The forest service has cleared most of the debris flows.

But at about tram stop 7......

And then at stop 9. That bit of brick in the middle was the bathroom. We are standing on about 8 feet of debris.

Housewise, here are some before and afters. The hall closet before.

The hall closet after.

I painted it a very bright caribbean blue. I can't remember the color right now, but I got the pain at Ace. It isn't the best paint in the world (although I bought the best that Ace had), but Ace is close and was open, so there. This weekend we got a piece of particle board from Lowe's that Steve cut and painted white, and put it in as a shelf. Now I just need to get some containers to store hats and gloves and scarves. Yes. It does get that cold here.

The big news is that tomorrow the bathroom starts. Now for those of you who are in communication with my mom, PLEASE do not tell her that this is happeneing so soon. She is going to be in Phoenix in March, and wanted to come down here after. We told her she couldn't because the bathroom was being done that week, and that we would go up there for the day. The real truth is that she is bringing her husband with her. He takes up too much bathroom time for four people to share a single bathroom, plus we would rather that he not come here for some other personal reasons. Anyway, mum's the word. Here is what things look like today. Tomorrow will be another story.

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