Monday, January 08, 2007

Weekend fun.

This weekend was actually quite busy. Saturday morning I went to two tile stores and ordered the last of the bathroom tile: the floor tile and the glass accent tile. Then we went to Lowe's and got the shower fixtures and some stuff for Steve to fix the gutters. More money. Ugh. Today I ordered the new cabitent thingy for the bathroom from Restoration Hardware. I am hoping that this bathroom comes out ok. We have been saving for a while, and it needs to be done. At least we are not doing it ourselves. Once the rest of the tile comes in, we will be ready to get going! New bathroom = awesome. New bathroom when you only have one to begin with and have to pee in a bucket in the backyard and shower at work = not awesome (but necessary evil for previously stated awesomeness).

Saturday afternoon I met up with my friend, Lian, and went to the zoo. She had never been, even though she has lived here for a while. She is a kooky kind of gal that I met because she is a Monkey, and I am a Dragon, and she needed a Dragon friend. Well, at least according to Tai Chi John who does Tai Chi (what else?) in the park. More on that later. Anyway, a frolicking polar bear.

Saturday night, there was a benefit concert at the Rialto featuring Calexico and some local mariachi bands. Awesome. Really awesome.

Sunday was early yoga, coffee with Joan, grocery shopping, a little knitting on the socks (they are taking FOREVER!), and a nap that wasn't supposed to be a nap. I'm still tired.

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