Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Weekend Pictures

Ok, I really did do stuff this weekend, and to prove it, here are some pictures of sewing. First off, the office. Steve was nice enough to let me add my craft/sewing table to the room, as well as move the bookcase. The bookcase was looking cluttery, so last month I made some curtains for the middle shelves and hung them with tension rods. Gotta love those Joann coupons! Then the table was looking cluttery, so to dress it up I made a skirt for it this weekend with some Amy Butler fabric. I love this stuff. The only thing I love more is the light fusible webbing that I used to hem the sides instead of actually sewing. Then I used 3M adhesive strips to attach it to the table.
The other thing I made with the same curtain fabric (some sort of Liz Claiborn stuff) was some spring pillow for the sun room. The other pillows are old ones.And of course, the bird update. Look how big they are! The mom leaves more now, so it is easier to get pictures.

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