Thursday, May 10, 2007


Today I had meetings all day at one of the mines. I can't say which one, probably, or why, but I took a few pictures of things that were cool that aren't significant, legally anyway. I figured some of you might be interested since not everyone gets to go to a mine.

Here are copper plates. After a long process involving cool stuff like acid, starter plates of copper are set in a solution that has copper dissolved in it. An electric current is run through the whole thing and the copper in the solution sticks onto the starter plates. Each of those pallets are about up to my waist.Here is a SMALL haul truck. The tires are taller than me. I caught this when I was leaving, which is why it seems far away. I have no idea why it was in black and white, but it looks kind of cool.
And the best part.....take a look at my thermometer at 3pm. In May. Blech.

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