Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Almost Famous

On Sunday, before we left for the airport, we went to Sarah’s house and met up with her boyfriend, Mr. Sprockets, and Dana. Here we are (me, Sarah, Dana) in Sarah’s backyard. She has done a really great job with it. The yard was craptacular when she bought the house in January, I think. She has really whipped it into shape. The picture would be great if it weren’t for my bad posture and hair helmet. I am trying to grow it out because it started to look crappy short, but it also looks crappy long. Right now I am suffering through the Frankie Avalon hair helmet stage.

Anyway, we ate some lunch and then stopped at Hill Country Weavers. Here’s what I got.

The yarn on the right is currently being made into socks for moi. The middle Mission Falls is for a hat for Steve. It is actually starting to get colder at night, so he will get some use out of it, especially if we go to Mt. Lemmon. The stuff on the left will be made into a scribble lace scarf, also for moi. Here’s a picture of Roxy wearing one that I made earlier this summer to trade for a necklace with my friend Kali. She is coming here this weekend, so it is safe to post the picture. Suspense is no longer necessary.

I also got a couple of Interweave Knits magazines, which Kate is checking out. Kate is just going to stay a cat, although I would love to spin some of her fur to make a sweater for Sarah’s bald cat, Buddy. The only finished object I have of late is the bear for my nephew, Jake. I like the bear. The bear is good. I will make some modifications if I make another one. I DO NOT like the sweater, but I figure that he is going to get ketchup or poop or dog spit on it, and they will have to get rid of it anyway.

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