Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I have been making some progress on my socks. One down and half of one to go. It is amazing how much faster you get them done when you use size 3 needles rather than 1s. This is my 2.5 attempt as socks. The first time I only finished one. It didn’t fit (is was way too tight) and I didn’t want to make the second one. The second set was for Steve. They actually fit. This thirdish pair is for me. I like them because the colors remind me of fall back in Chicago (Go Sox!). I have also decided not to call them socks, but foot sweaters. When I told Steve this, he said “Why? Are you expecting these not to fit either?” Ass. He thinks he is hilarious. The joke is on him, though, because they do fit! Although I still can’t get the Kitchner stitch to “work.” I think it is because I sort of knit backwards. Our computer is really broken now, so I have had to use a crappy picture taken with my phone. Oh, and yes, my feet really are that big. Enjoy.

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