Monday, October 03, 2005


This past weekend was a very busy weekend. Friday I turned 29. It was pretty uneventful, which is good. We ate some sushi (Sushi in the desert? Are you nuts? Yes, and it was delicious). Today at work we had beer floats to celebrate. Young's Chocolate stout and vanilla Blue Bell. Saturday afternoon, I took a glass sun chime class and made this.
The class was ok. Lots of women wearing t-shirts with cats on them. I got to use power tools, though, so that was good.

Saturday night we went to Zooscon Feast for the Beasts fundraiser at the zoo. Here’s a picture of a pissed off elephant. We also saw a pissed off, rhino, polar bear, and anteater, not in that order. There was food from about 20 restaurants there. It was really a fun time. I want to go back next year.

However, the real reason we went was to see Bill Nye the Science Guy. I have been in love with him for years. I even have a picture with him from when he visited ISU, and I uttered the infamous stupid line “You’re totally my hero.” Some people say that I am bordering on stalking, I just think SCIENCE RULES! But, I am no longer sure that my beloved Bill rules quite so much without some post production work. He started out with a scare about global warming, somehow started talking about Bucky balls, his dad being in a prison camp in china and becoming obsessed with sundials, bill and his classmates getting a sundial on Mars when they were under Carl Sagan, and then did a trick illustrating vortexes of air. It was all quite bizarre.

I also started a bear for my nephew, Jake. The parents are coming this weekend, so I need to have it done by then. Pay no attention to the crappy knitting. I am going to felt this puppy! Well, bear.

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