Monday, October 17, 2005

Weekend, Part I

We went to Austin this weekend for Michell and Dan’s wedding, and had a great time. The bride was beautiful, the groom was beautiful. The food was beautiful! I wish I could share some pictures, but when we got home last night, the computer wouldn’t turn on. Steve thinks it may be a short in the plug. I have no idea. Now I have to see if there is some way to put my picture on my work computer. I guess I need software or something. Again, no idea.

We were able to see most of my friends from work at the wedding on Saturday, which was great. On Sunday we hung out with Dana and Sarah and Sarah’s newish boyfriend, Andy. He is from Germany. He taught me how to pronounce Hefeweizen correctly. Heh Fuh Veights Zen. Now I can speak German. A lot of good that will do me in Tucson. Hefeweizen fria.

We also talked about lederhosen and Deiter’s Dance Party from Sprockets. He didn’t know what that was. When we explained it to him, he didn’t seem so amused. I, however, still find it highly amusing.

There are all kinds of pictures forthcoming. Like the wedding. The yarn I got. And hanging out with the girls. They want me to post a picture of the three of us because they want to be famous to the four people who read this.

Other than that, we went to the trail at Town Lake, drove around, ate some stuff, drank some margaritas. I realized this weekend that I am a paste-y girl with paste-y needs. Paste-y as in pale, not boobie-tassle paste-y. I like shade, and therefore trees. I miss trees. Maybe if I lose a few pounds and learn to stand up straight, I can use the shade from saguaros.

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