Monday, October 31, 2005

Down for the Count

So the computer at home is still not operating. We are waiting for a part to come from Dell. I guess it is the power source. Anyway until then, no pictures, other than this one that Marita sent me of her Chicknits Cami. She has this odd knack of making things that fit. I should give her the evil eye! Kidding, of course. Way to go Marita! Sorry for exploiting you to make me look more interesting.

Once I am up and running again, I need to share my haul that I got from Back Door Bead and Yarn Co. here in Tucson. They were having a yearly sale and everything was at least 20% off. For $70, I got one skein of Cascade 220, two skeins of Classic Elite alpaca, and six (count ‘em, SIX) skeins of a dark blue-purpley Manos, and the Summer '05 Interweave Knits becasue I REALLY want to make the Lace Leaf Pullover. Out of control. I also finished the socks, and almost finished a hat for Steve. I say almost because as I was down to the last few decreases, I decided to stick it on his head. Way too tight. I need to frog it all and start over. At least I only spent Sunday on it. I should make another one in the small size for Sarah. Then she can use it as a Migraine-tourniquet-pain-relieving-hat. Also, Steve and I took a paperweight glass this weekend where we got to play with molten hot glass and 2500 degree furnaces. It was awesome, not that anyone would know because I can’t post pictures. We need that piece from Dell! Crappity crap crap.


Anonymous said...

She is hot, who is she??

marita said...

HEY! Took me long enough to discover that I'm on your blog! Of course strange anonymous people would say that I'm hot and not see anything but my butt. I wanna see more pics of Jamie!!

Anonymous said...

Lets see more hoties!